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For more details, further examples of specific lesson plans or support with planning please contact me via Facebook, Twitter or the Shackleton In Schools blog.

8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I am also a great fan of Shackleton and I’m really looking forward to using his voyage on The Endurance as a main theme this term. I would be delighted to receive any ideas or plans which you feel could enhance learning, Many thanks

  2. I am the owner of the Shackleton Endurance Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland and offer Virtual Tours of the exhibition directly into the classrooms via Skype or similar technology. It is a great way of brining the story of the Endurance to the pupils who can’t make the journey to Dublin.

  3. I’m searching for the ITACE 2014 website and it’s no where to be found. Last year my students skyped with Jo Davies and I plan to continue my study with them about modern-day explorers. DO you know why the site is down? Are they still going in Nov?

    • Dear Sheri – many thanks for your post and hope that you received my e-mail back in September. As I was updating my website, I thought I would post a reply on here to let all of my followers know that, sadly, the ITACE Expedition is currently not taking place this year as intended. I will keep you updated on this. For other expeditions to follow, please see the ‘links’ tab.

  4. Hi Emma, I was delighted to meet your parents on the Centenary Voyage in November last year. I’m a relative of Arnold Spencer-Smith (photographer & padre with The Ross Sea Party section of the TransAntarctic expedition). I give free talks to schools (usually years 4 – 6) about the Ross Sea Party and share family artefacts but am now telling the schools I visit about your website. I hope that’s OK. I don’t have a website of my own.

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