Welcome to Shackleton In Schools

Would you like to join a dedicated team of teachers from all Key Stages, walks of life and global locations to celebrate and commemorate the centenary of the historic Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-17? Would you like to receive lesson ideas, planning, resources and links relating to teaching and learning of Antarctica and Shackleton’s epic? Then please ‘proceed’ to join us at Shackleton In Schools…..

In 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton set out on another Antarctic expedition – this time to cross the continent. He failed. However he achieved one of the greatest feats of turn of the century polar exploration; he returned with all his 28 men – alive.

The story of the 1914-17 Endurance expedition is one of courage and leadership in the face of true adversity. Stoicism and belief during complete uncertainty; by endurance they conquered.

If you are thinking about using Shackleton/The Endurance Expedition/Antarctica as a theme or topic for teaching, click on the link below and have a look at my suggested term plan for ideas to get started:

Planning KS2 New Curriculum – Antarctica

Archive planning:

Polar Regions Planning EYFS & KS1 (old National Curriculum)

Ice Age Planning KS1 (old National Curriculum)

Sample Planning Grid (old National Curriculum)


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Shackleton In Schools

  1. Thankyou for this website. I’m a year 2 teacher and really excited about teaching this topic to my children. I’ve loved reading about the expedition since a child and can now share this enthusiasm with a new generation.

    • Many thanks for your positive feedback – it means a huge amount. If you would like any of your hard work showcased on this website please contact me via twitter or facebook and I can provide you with further details.

  2. Great resources which will be invaluable for my Year 6 planning! A topic that I have never taught before and know next to nothing about but have always found interesting. As a child I thought that working in the Antarctic would be a great career – sadly other things took over. Thank you.

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