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Summer 2014

Spring 2014

Explore exploration

Emma Kerr with Jane Whittle

Emma details the timeline of events on Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition and considers ways in which these can be explored in the classroom.

SummeSpring 2014r 2014

Geography is the glue!

Emma Kerr

Building on a previous article, Emma models examples from and interconnected learning experience that uses Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-17 ‘Endurance’ Expedition and extreme Polar environments as the ‘geography glue’.

A series of 6 lessons based on Geographical Enquiry, linked to Shackleton’s Endurance Expeditions has been written by Emma for the RGS. It is due to be published on-line in early 2015 and is entitled ‘Exploring Shackleton’s Antarctica’.

‘Exploring Shackleton’s Antarctica’:

The aim of the module is to develop an enquiry on the Polar region of Antarctica focusing on Shackleton’s 1914–17 Endurance Expedition.  This sequence of lesson plans will demonstrate geographical based, hands-on, cross-curricular activities such as role play to nurture pupils’ fascination with and curiosity about this significant global locality, remote landscape and extreme environment.

Proven case studies linked to this topic demonstrate how these lessons engage pupils in the geographical skills of developing knowledge within a context and define the physical and human characteristics and processes of a locality. Pupils will progress with their atlas skills, interpreting a range of sources of geographical information and be provided with opportunities to communicate their findings in a variety of ways. The lesson activities develop geographical and context specific vocabulary and literacy through a series of re-iterative activities that expect pupils to develop and use language in a context-specific way. Moreover, opportunities for cross-curricular subject links will be suggested as a starting point to embed this topic to create a half term or full term’s worth of work. In addition children will be offered opportunities to write at length within this geographical context.

Talks & Conferences:

Geographical Association Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014, University of Surrey, Wednesday 16th April: Teaching about the Antarctic (KS1–3) ‘Based on an enquiry focusing on Shackleton’s 1914–17 Endurance Expedition, this session will demonstrate hands-on cross-curricular activities such as role play to nurture pupils’ fascination with, and curiosity about, this remote landscape and extreme environment.

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